Cesar Mariscos Anexo

Anexo Hotel Cesar Mariscos
Since 2007, Cesar Mariscos has put to the disposition of guests a hotel annex building with the same quality that characterizes Hotel Cesar Mariscos and located three blocks from the main hotel.

The annex building of Hotel Cesar Mariscos was design in the memory of the old architecture of Tela, when the city was under the influence of the former Railroad Company, a famous worldwide company in the last century because of the banana crops in Honduras and banana exports by boat to the entire world from the Tela deck, with their Brand “Chiquita Banana", historical background that has contributed to make of the city a known and special destination for vacations.

La piscina del Anexo Cesar Mariscos

The city of Tela is located in the Department of Atlántida, more or less 100 kms from its municipal capital La Ceiba, same distance from the city of San Pedro Sula.  The Bay of Tela is known by its extraordinary beaches, nevertheless this place offers more than just beaches… such as the important three protected areas or the living culture that you can experience in any of the many villages of the Garifuna ethnical group…Do you want to snorkel or dive? Tela has one of the most important coral reefs of the world, in where you will be able to enjoy of the wonders that the underwater world offers you.

The annex building of the Hotel Cesar Mariscos is a small hotel that was built with the purpose of offering an excellent option to take with you a nice memory of your visit to Tela.  Allow us to give the warmest welcome, that you as a tourist and our guest deserves.

Una habitación del Anexo del Hotel Cesar Mariscos

We are located downtown, the Lancetilla River provides a spectacular sunset with a view to the San Antonio Church, with a unique architecture of the banana cultivation period and surrounded by trees with beautiful White Herons.


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