Our Hotel

The Hotel Cesar Mariscos in Tela represents a small organization which initially was founded by Mister Cesar Bardales in the year of 1972…and since then we have continue working to improve, always for the benefit of our customers, providing a customize service to local and visitors, domestics and foreigners, having the privilege of adapting to the customers different needs and desires.

La piscina del Hotel Cesar Mariscos, Tela, Honduras

The hotel is located in front of the Caribbean beach, in the Uruguay Avenue, better known as the Beach Street of Tela.  The hotel has 19 original rooms, each one of them nicely decorated and furnished in a different way, in such a way that when you return, you can renew your experience, enjoying of the different styles and colors, but always living the same warm and particular atmosphere of our hotel.

And it is not only because of the rooms… in Cesar Mariscos we have at your service a nice apartment (Miramar Apartment) that has two comfortable rooms, a sofa bed, a kitchenette, a small dinning area, living room and a balcony with view to the beach and having a capacity to comfortably host up to 5 people.
To know more details about the accommodation solutions and see more images, visit Rooms. If you are interested knowing about our rates go to Rates. ...or to make an on line reservation go to: Reservations.

La piscina del Hotel Cesar Mariscos, Tela, Honduras

All of our guests can enjoy of a comfortable and nice pool located in the Hotel’s terrace, in the second floor, with a beautiful view to the ocean and in where we also have a Jacuzzi so that with no doubt your stay can become into unforgettable moments.

With no doubt our Restaurant comes to increase the customer service level, restaurant that has reach an excellent fame, going beyond the borders of our country, making us proud.  So we can assure you that in Cesar Mariscos, you can complete your stay enjoying of a great variety of dishes of the national and international cuisine.  To find more go to: Restaurant.


Una habitación del Hotel Cesar Mariscos, Tela, Honduras
Also we offer transportation from and to the International Airport of San Pedro Sula, we organize tours to the national parks and protected areas of the Bay of Tela, we have wire less internet connection, bicycles and kayaks rentals among others, for more information go to: Activities.

Do you have a special celebration? An anniversary? Allow us to assist you, taking care up to the smallest detail so that the event becomes a memorable occasion.  There is no impossible for us that can stop us in providing you what you deserve.
We hope to have awakened your curiosity in our tourism services.  

We really will be honored if you decide to give us the opportunity to take care of you and show you the passion and love as well as professionalism that Hotel Cesar Mariscos owners as well as staff will provide…we want that this hotel of yours, can become an extension of your home, becoming part of a big family…

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